7,400 m² warehouse offers space for new goods flows

At its headquarters in Wondelgem near Ghent,  Transuniverse Group still has space for new activities.  It has a 7,400 m² warehouse that is available almost immediately.

The total storage space available in Wondelgem,  where  15,000  trucks  come  and go each  year,  is  24,000 m².  Almost a third of that space was  freed  up  again  recently, which offers immediate opportunities for new activities.

“It  is  a  multipurpose  warehouse  that can easily be adapted to the  user’s  needs,  for example by fitting storage racks.  We hope to be able to develop  activities with added value  there. Ideally,  we  would  like  to  attract  a  shipper  that  entrusts  us  with transportation,  because  that  is  still  our  core  business.”   Miri Nedelcu explains the preferred customer profile.

Cross dock

Transuniverse  Group also has a 500 m² ADR (hazardous materials) warehouse and storage and distribution hangars with a total surface area of about 12,000 m² on its 46,000 m² site.

The heart of the site is the new 5,100 m² cross dock that the group started using in 2014. It serves as a hub for all the goods that flow in and out each day.

All the warehouses together have a total of 65 dock shelters.


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