Cookie statement: Transuniverse website


The following definitions apply in this cookie statement:

‘Transuniverse’: Transuniverse Forwarding NV, Transuniverse Group NV, Intercargo Logistics NV and Transuniverse France SRL.

‘User’: any natural or legal person that is in or enters into a contractual relationship of any nature with Transuniverse through its online platform.

‘Law’: Art. 129 of the Law on Electronic Communication, as amended by Law 2012-07-10/04, Art. 90, 017; (date of effect: 04-08-2012).


A cookie is a small file containing text or numbers that is saved on the user’s computer to store preferences and other information that is used on the web pages visited.

These cookies ensure, firstly, that the use of our website is easier for the visitor, and secondly they allow us to generate statistics based on certain information. This makes it possible for Transuniverse to continue improving this website.

Types of cookies

Google Analytics

  • _gat only reduces the number of requests to Google Analytics. The storage period is 1 minute.
  • _ga cookie is to distinguish users. The retention period is 2 years.
  • _gid cookie is to distinguish users. The storage period is 1 day.


  • Laravel automatically generates a CSRF “token” for each active user session that is managed by the application. This token is used to verify that the authenticated user is actually the one who makes the requests to the application. Laravel stores the current CSRF token in an XSRF-TOKEN cookie that is added to every response generated by the frame. The storage period is 1 minute.

Your right to access data and opposition

According to the law, the user is entitled to a copy of the personal data that Transuniverse stores about that user, including the information collected by cookies. Questions or requests can be addressed to

As soon as the user visits the website of Transuniverse, it gives permission to place such cookies on the system. This can be changed by adjusting the browser settings and setting cookies to be refused:

  • Surfing in incognito mode
  • Enable “Do not follow” in the browser
  • Use a tool to block Google Analytics, more info on
  • Via specific settings of the browser, more info can be found in the help menu of the browser