At Transuniverse Forwarding, we are not just moving goods; we are advancing a movement toward a more sustainable future.

With our commitment to delivering not only tailor-made but also environmentally-conscious transport & logistics solutions, we stand at the forefront of the industry’s transformation.

Our core pillars-ranging from sustainable solutions and operational excellence to climate action, people-centric values, and robust governance-underpin our mission to serve the individual needs of our customers while nurturing the planet we all share.

Our 5 pillars are:

1. Sustainable solutions for forwarding and storage


Our mission is to provide tailor-made transportation solutions for the inividual needs of our customers.

Some of our objectives

  • We are working on further expanding our offering of logistics services and transport
  • We are developing specific low-carbon alternatives
  • We aim for customer satisfaction with an NPS score of over 9


2. Operational excellence


We aim for maximum quality and customer value. This way, we become the reliable partner for all transport and groupage solutions.

Some of our objectives

  • We are working on an IT project to create a user-friendly and interactive visualization of our planning
  • We are conducting lean initiatives in the warehouses
  • We are integrating environmental and CO2 data into our planning


3. Climate action


In our pursuit of excellence and bespoke logistics solutions, we recognize the urgency of climate action. At Transuniverse Forwarding, we are deeply committed to reducing our environmental impact and fostering sustainability within every link of the supply chain.

Some of our objectives

  • We are creating an energy action plan for greening and saving energy at our sites
  • We annually update our ISO 14001 environmental management system
  • We engage in sustainability dialogues with our key stakeholders


How we measure our CO2-footprint

We have meticulously assessed our CO2 footprint across three scopes as defined by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. For 2023, our company reported total emissions of 44.163 tons of CO2 equivalents.

The direct emissions (Scope 1), from company vehicles and building operations, were relatively low at 313 tons.
Indirect emissions (Scope 2), from purchased electricity, were even lower due to the use of green electricity and solar panels.
The majority of emissions (99,28% of 43.846 ton) were classified under Scope 3, attributed to fuel consumption for groupage transport, which is the company’s specialization. To mitigate this, we are implementing reduction strategies such as promoting eco-driving, transitioning to electric vehicles, and exploring greener energy sources.

The goal is to achieve significant CO2 reductions in line with technological advancements and sustainable practices.


4. People centric


We are a company of people, for people. Safety and well-being are the fundamental conditions for conducting our activities. Following that, our focus is on providing meaningful and challenging work, where each employee is given all the growth opportunities they desire.

Some of our objectives

  • We take action to improve safety behavior and culture throughout the organization
  • We launch an employer branding campaign and develop a continuous soft skills training
  • We establish a leadership development program aimed at enhancing leadership skills


5. Governance


As a family-owned company, we aim to be known for our good governance and respectful interactions with all our stakeholders, striving for win-win partnerships for everyone.

Some of our objectives

  • Encouraging employees to actively embrace our core values to contain and improve our corporate culture
  • Transparent communication of sustainability goals and indicators, particularly regarding CO2
  • Formalizing our charitable giving policy


Q & A

  • How does TUF approach sustainability today and in the future?
    Transuniverse Forwarding is proactive in tackling sustainability through a redefined strategy with a focus on transport & logistics services that are efficient and sustainable. They are shaping this strategy around five key pillars that ensure quality and efficiency, minimize their environmental footprint, and promote safety and wellbeing, along with corporate governance.


  • How does TUF help its customers achieve their sustainability goals?
    TUF assists customers by offering transport & logistics services that include developing specific low-carbon alternatives and multimodal transport options. They focus on groupage services to consolidate shipments, which not only reduces costs but also minimizes the carbon footprint through efficient processes.


  • Why is TUF a suitable sustainable partner, and what actions have they taken?
    TUF’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their actions, such as aiming for a CO2 reduction target in line with the EU Green Deal, refining CO2 registration methods, creating an energy action plan, and updating their environmental management system annually. Their focus on providing CO2 footprint mapping per load for complex groupage further solidifies their role as a sustainable partner.


  • What is Transuniverse’s vision regarding sustainability?
    Transuniverse Forwarding envisions sustainable growth as the only right kind of growth. They aim to continuously improve the environmental, health, and safety performance of their operations, ensure security, and engage in dialogue with stakeholders to understand and address concerns, all while promoting responsible management throughout the supply chain.

Embracing our responsibility towards the environment, we invite you to join us in this vital mission. Together, we can chart a course for a cleaner, greener future. Engage with us, challenge us, and let us innovate for you. Your journey to sustainability starts with a single step. Take that step with Transuniverse Forwarding. Connect with us today and let’s transform the logistics of tomorrow.

Download the sustainability report (PDF)