Very successful information session on cargo insurance and automation

At the end of June, Transuniverse organised an information session for its customers. This one was a hit! Over 50 clients were introduced to the latest trends in CMR, cargo insurance and automation. The related services offered by Transuniverse were also addressed.

During the information session, our insurance broker explained the broad outlines of CMR legislation and the corresponding damage coverage. He emphasised that not all damage is covered by the CMR and that additional insurance can provide relief. That is why Transuniverse also offers its customers an ‘all risk’ insurance, he explained.

The second part of the information session focused on automation. Transuniverse is investing heavily in process automation and digitalisation not only to work more efficiently, but also to improve communication with customers. Participants were given more explanations about the benefits of automation and about Transuniverse’s plans in this domain.

Afterwards, during the networking drinks, they had ample time to ask the speakers for additional explanations and clarifications.

New session on sustainability

The success of this first information session and the nice attendance encourages us to repeat this initiative. In a few weeks, you will receive an invitation for a session on ‘sustainability’ and what Transuniverse can offer in this area. Sustainability plays an increasingly important role for our customers. We therefore want to work with them to help them achieve their objectives. Keep an eye on your mailbox!

Discover some images of the event here.



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