Transuniverse stand at Transport & Logistics was a success

It was super-busy at this year’s Transport & Logistics trade fair in Antwerp. Two years ago, the coronavirus crisis and preventive measures had a negative impact on visitor numbers, but this edition was a hit. “We got a lot of customers and prospects over to our stand again,” says sales manager Filip Banckaert.


“Participating in trade fairs is important for Transuniverse because, thanks to face-to-face conversations, it allows us to better perceive market trends and customer expectations,” he says.


“For instance, we find that sustainability, governance and innovation are getting much more attention than before. Not only the larger companies, but also an increasing number of medium-sized enterprises are concerned about it. Accordingly, the publication of our Sustainability Report garnered much acclaim. The interest in this was genuine and we received many compliments,” Filip adds.


“We could also clearly sense that with the cooling of the economy, some customers are concerned about volumes and costs. Their buyers again buy smaller quantities to reduce stocks. They work more on a demand-driven basis. As a groupage specialist, we can support those customers in this,” he adds.


Transuniverse’s presence at the fair did not go unnoticed. Olivia Adins, a member of the executive committee, was able to introduce our company on Transport & Logistics’ video blog.


You can see the video here.


The next edition of Transport & Logistics will take place in Ghent on 17, 18 & 19 September 2024. Transuniverse will of course be there again!



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