Switzerland abolishes most import duties

On 1 January 2024, the Swiss government abolished the imposition of import duties on practically all goods in chapters 25-97. That includes most industrial goods. Up till then, evidence was needed to prove preferential origin, but this is no longer necessary. So the EUR1 and EURMED invoice statement are now no longer necessary.


With this change, Switzerland aims to reduce costs for importing companies and boost trade. The elimination of duties on industrial goods is expected to have a positive impact on import costs in Switzerland. This will mainly be the case for consumer goods (such as cars, clothing, personal care products, etc.) and for raw materials, semi-finished products and components imported by manufacturing industries. This should strengthen the competitiveness of the Swiss economy and boost exports.


Although proof of preferential origin is no longer required, your customer in Switzerland may still explicitly request it, as it may still be necessary in certain specific cases. In this case, you must state this clearly on your transport request/confirmation.


Some commodity codes were also updated on 1 January 2024. On this basis, you can check for yourself whether your goods have actually been exempted from import duties in Switzerland.


An overview of the new regulations can be found here and here (in German).

If you have any further questions, Swiss Customs has published an FAQ page (in English) where you can find the answers to most questions.



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