Countries in the spotlight: Scandinavia

Transuniverse Forwarding and the Danish group LEMAN, one of the market leaders in the groupage sector in Scandinavia, concluded a strategic partnership last summer. The results of this cooperation are already tangible: departures are daily and a multimodal offer has been added, for more sustainable transport.

LEMAN is a leading transport and logistics company based in Greve (Denmark), near Copenhagen. It has its own branches in the three other Scandinavian countries, which ensures smooth handling of shipments.

“Thanks to this partnership, we have increased frequency: now, trucks depart daily for the Nordic Gateway, LEMAN’s central hub in Denmark. The frequency to Sweden has been increased to three times a week, and to Norway and Finland to twice a week. So, for these three countries, depending on the speed required, we can choose between transport via the Nordic Gateway or a direct connection,” says Denis Glorie, member of Transuniverse Forwarding’s executive committee.

Volumes from Scandinavia have also increased substantially. Hence, the operational and commercial teams from Transuniverse and from the LEMAN branches in the four countries meet monthly to discuss how they can further optimise the logistics flows.


“In addition, Transuniverse now offers a multimodal service to Denmark with very attractive transit times. There is one departure per week, on Fridays. The 45′ palletwide containers arrive in the port of Kolding on Mondays. From there, LEMAN takes care of the onward distribution of the consignments in Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia,” adds Glorie.

Because the demand for sustainable transport is increasing, Transuniverse will soon be setting up a multimodal connection with Finland as well. A connection with Sweden will follow at a later stage.

Packaged goods

The groupage consignments for Scandinavia consist mainly of packaged goods. “They are very diverse and range from foodstuffs to aircraft parts to chemicals, healthcare products, building materials, automotive products and so on,” he says.



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