Romanian control tower

Transuniverse Group  monitors the transport of no less than 130,000 shipments per year.  That involves a mountain of electronic paperwork.  Much of it is currently dealt with from the group’s control tower in Romania.

Besides its agents in many countries, Transuniverse Group also has two branches of its own abroad. The Milan office mainly plays a commercial role. What Constanta does is quite different, but no less vital. 

The Belgian group’s Romanian subsidiary has also been taking care of the administrative work for all shipments for the past year or so. Missing, incomplete or contradictory information is traced, checked and added to the system by the Romanian operators. This support function extends from order input to invoicing, the preparation of customs documentation, checking incoming invoices, etc.

The new e-tracker will also provide improved status monitoring in the future. At every new step, Constanta changes the shipment status and  shares the information with the sender and recipient of the goods.

Reducing the burden

“All this considerably reduces the burden on our people in Belgium. It means they can focus more on the operational side of our activity and the planning of all the transports. It also directly facilitates communication with the customers”, explains Business Analyst Kevin Demeyer. “Maximum automation is clearly another of our goals. At the same time, our control tower keeps a human finger on the pulse.”

The branch in Romania is growing fast. It has outgrown its present location, where twenty employees are currently at work. They will soon be moving to a larger building.


Control tower Romania

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