E-tracker shows customers how their shipments are progressing

“Where is my shipment?”   It is a question that all shippers regularly ask – and they want a clear answer.  Transuniverse Group’s new e-tracker is a further contribution to high-performance, proactive monitoring.

The transport sector has changed enormously in recent decades, and the competition has certainly not slackened off. Good shipment monitoring and clear communication with the customers have become essential.

Drivers who do domestic runs for Transuniverse  recently received a  PDA  (personal  digital  assistant)  enabling them to directly transmit all the data about loads they receive or deliver by electronic means.

During  the  summer,  the  group  will  also be testing the system on  twenty international  drivers.  Transuniverse hopes that the lessons learned will make a further roll-out possible in the autumn.

Five steps

Since June, data has been fed into the e-tracker to tell customers the status of their shipment.  The customers use a portal with a unique access code to retrieve the information.

The e-tracker distinguishes five steps:  registration of the transport order    (the  system  uses  that  order  number  to  create  the  unique  access  code  for  the customer),  collection  of  the shipment from the customer,  arrival  at  Transuniverse,  departure  from  Transuniverse  and delivery to the destination.

Automatic message

When a truck leaves Transuniverse in Wondelgem,  for example,  a  shipping  departure  notice  is  also  emailed  to  the  recipient.  It contains a link they can click on to consult all their information,  and  states  the  expected  delivery  date. The e-mail is written in the recipient’s own language. In the e-tracker itself, the customer can choose to use the portal in English, French or Dutch.

There is no need for the customer to phone for  information,  which is a great advantage.  If customers wish,  they can also be kept informed automatically of the exact status on a daily basis. Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) can be found in the e-tracker itself.


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