Frank Adins speaker at the ‘Multimodal Mission’ event

At the end of November 2018, Multimodaal.Vlaanderen and North Sea Port organised the first edition of the Multimodal Mission event. Around 250 visitors were inspired by examples of multimodal solutions in the Port of Ghent. Leading initiative-takers also talked about the opportunities and risks of a modal shift. Frank Adins, chairperson of Transuniverse Forwarding, was one of them.

Multimodality is highly promoted today, but the economic reality is still scaring a lot of businesses off. During the event, it became apparent that logistics companies first need to make the ‘mental shift’ to transporting goods sustainably, before they can achieve a ‘modal shift’.

Frank Adins told the attendees that, in addition to the environment, at Transuniverse, the operational and financial aspects were also encouraging us to go intermodal. “We can only see advantages: less risk of accidents and injuries, fewer customs formalities, less interference from the weather and fewer drivers”, he explained.

The conclusion of the event was that companies who want to take the step to multimodality need to fully consider the opportunities and hurdles, but that they will generally be much better off.


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