Major changes around customs formalities to come (also for Italy)

The regulations around customs formalities evolve regularly. Transuniverse closely monitors these updates and informs its customers when important changes are planned. Hereby, we would like to inform you of some adjustments to the IT applications that are necessary to fully comply with the new UCC legislation. They relate to NCTS, IMDS and AES/EDMS. Please notice they are very important for shipments to Italy.


With every change, Transuniverse organises the necessary trainings for the internal team of specialists so that they are always up-to-date. We also want to inform you as a customer about these changes, because the customs authorities are introducing them not only to make the systems more user-friendly, but also to enable more targeted checks and minimise risks.


NCTS – Phase 5

The most significant change is the update to NCTS. This is the application that manages transit declarations on the basis of electronic messaging between different parties. We are now at phase 5 of this. The new declaration system will become mandatory from 31 December 2023.

This will ensure better integration with the import and export system, as well as end the obligation to provide a printout of the transit declaration to the driver. An mention on the CMR will be sufficient from then on.

Another change is the requirement to send in the commodity code and value, which has long been good practice for our shipments to and from areas outside the EU. We will soon have to extend this to shipments travelling to Italy via Switzerland. In many cases, this is the shortest route. Hence, from 31 December 2023, it will become necessary to include the commodity code and value for all your shipments to Italy.



By 31/03/2024, the IMDS (Import Declaration Management System) will completely replace the existing import segment of the PLDA application. This will mainly involve a change behind the screens, in particular a new message structure and additional safeguards. Some new codes will also be introduced for these import declarations.



The Automated Export System (AES) will be introduced during 2024. Again, the changes will be mainly behind the screens (in the structure of the messages). And here too, some codes will change.


Do you have any questions around these changes? If so, please contact our customs department:



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