IT and human capital

IT and human capital

The various departments organised by country have disappeared,  making way for larger,  global departments such as export,  import,  customs and invoicing.                                                           

“This enables us to control our network better and work faster,  with more focus on the customer.  It improves the reporting and monitoring of our activities.  With heavy investments in the modernisation of  our  IT  network  and electronic support,  we have also brought our technology right up to date.  Our e-tracker,  PDAs  and  the drivers’ tablets are great examples of that”, says Miri Nedelcu, explaining the importance of the changes.

“We have not lost sight of the human aspect either. That remains the cornerstone of a company like Transuniverse Forwarding’s success”.  Olivia Adins adds. “We have a vast amount of passion and expertise in our company.We need to exploit that. To begin with, we want to give our own people more opportunities for growth.”

Growth strategy

The result is that Transuniverse Forwarding can enter the competitive fray with new weapons.   The company’s gaze is resolutely focused on further growth,  both  internationally  and  within  Belgium,  and  on  extending  the  group’s  network. Nedelcu is not ruling out takeovers here.

“We still see a huge amount of potential within Belgium itself. Our first ambitions are here. A local base in Wallonia would be perfect.  But we don’t plan to sit still at international level either,  as our new service to Russia proves.”


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