Greater flexibility and shorter transit times on Scandinavia

From 1 October, traffics to Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland will be redesigned to reduce transit times and increase reactivity and flexibility. We are moving away from cooperation with one single partner with one central hub for the whole region and are focusing on direct lines to the four countries in cooperation with strong local partners.

“Market conditions are changing rapidly due to the cooling of the European economy. Customers’ needs are changing with them: they expect shorter transit times and more responsiveness, among other things. These expectations vary according to the regions. This trend is already noticeable in our shipments to Scandinavia, which is why we are proactively adapting our organisation over there,” says Jo Vormezeele, Operations Director at Transuniverse.

Sales Manager Dennis Snoeck: “Until recently, we worked with one single partner for the entire region. All shipments from Belgium passed through a transhipment hub in Denmark, from where they left for their final destination. For smaller shipments this is a perfect solution, but for larger consignments of goods, the stopover meant a relative loss of time. That had a negative impact on transit times and flexibility.”

More direct lines

“In the new organisation, we work under a hybrid model: we provide direct line hauls as much as possible – which is much faster – and for the smaller consignments we work in synergy with a number of strong local partners in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. We can thus choose the best solution for the customers and work to suit their specific needs,” adds Jo Vormezeele.

In a first step, Transuniverse will partner with Nordic Transport Group in Denmark and Norway, Blue Water Shipping in Sweden and Polar Logistics in Finland. “The advantage of NTG is that each of its national organisation works very autonomously: this ensures great flexibility. As a matter of fact, we are already working with NTG’s local division for a part of the UK, with excellent results,” he adds.

“An important aspect of these new collaborations is that they are not exclusive. To cover certain parts of a country even better, it may be possible to enter into specific partnerships at local level in the future,” Dennis Snoeck concludes.

More flexible departure dates

Thanks to this new organisation, Transuniverse can maintain the frequency of departures to the Nordic countries while being more flexible in departure dates.

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