Transuniverse Forwarding is now also Gateway²Britain certified

Transuniverse Forwarding has obtained the Gateway²Britain certificate. This is a quality label for logistics service providers to unburden SMEs that export to the United Kingdom occasionally or in small quantities.

Since the Brexit, continental companies are experiencing many difficulties in trading with British enterprises. Things have become much more complex as all kinds of documents, data and certificates are required for border controls. Customs formalities, import duties, additional regulatory obligations lead to higher administrative and logistical costs.

This has particularly affected SMEs. These companies generally have little knowledge about the ever-changing regulations and do not have enough staff to handle the additional administrative burden. They also find it difficult to find carriers willing to take their small volumes or irregular shipments to the UK.

That is why, specifically for SMEs, the Gateway²Britain label was created by VIL, the Flemish innovation platform for logistics. This certificate is awarded only after a rigorous audit. Transport companies receiving the Gateway2Britain label have the necessary expertise and experience in the import and export processes with the UK. They offer transparent price quotations and can guarantee that the entire process runs efficiently.

Certified companies consolidate the smaller volumes of SMEs so that these can focus on their core business to the maximum.



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