Substantial expansion of cross-dock platform capacity

Groupage traffic got off to a flying start this year. Volumes are growing so fast that they now clearly exceed pre-corona levels. “That is why we are expanding the capacity of our cross-dock platform in Wondelgem by a third,” says Frank Adins, president of Transuniverse Forwarding.


With life largely returning to normal after the pandemic, the European economy is rebounding much more strongly than expected. As a result, groupage traffic is growing strongly. “Thanks to the successful partnerships we have established with LEMAN in Scandinavia, Italmondo in Italy and Europa Road in England, here at Transuniverse it is outpacing the market. As a result, there was a risk of transshipment capacity becoming too small,” he explains.


Another factor in the impending shortage of space is Brexit. “We are still finding that imported consignments are not accompanied by the correct paperwork, so we cannot clear them immediately. This means they have to be kept for longer before we can take them to their destination.”


“We therefore urgently needed to expand our capacity. Thanks to the transfer of the last storage activities from Wondelgem to our warehouse in Sleidinge near Evergem, we have freed up a 5,000 m² building for cross-docking. That brings our total transshipment capacity to almost 15,000 m²,” Frank adds.


“More volumes also mean more trucks. So we have also had to improve traffic flow and create more parking space for the extra trucks. Fortunately, as of September we will be able to rent an adjoining site, so that we can sufficiently cope with the increase in traffic,” he concludes.





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