Employees get to know each other better in a fun and off-beat way

At Transuniverse, we like to invest in the well-being of our employees. Happy employees not only feel more committed to the company, they are also the best ambassadors for us as an organisation and as an employer! That is why we organised the Employee Day at the end of April in cooperation with ‘serious happiness’ company Hallelujah.

After two turbulent years, when teleworking and limited social contact were often the norm, it was time to bring everyone in the company back together in person. “Together with Hallelujah, we organised an event with the theme: ‘I want to break free’. With this concept, people within an organisation get to know each other better in a fun and accessible way. All the employees and workers were placed in front of a green screen and were presented with a number of propositions in a fun way. Their responses allowed them to see a different side of each other in a completely unique way,” says Elfi Van Goethem, HR Officer at Transuniverse Forwarding.

“With this type of micro event lasting approximately one hour, we break down the fictitious borders between the employees and look for what connects them. It is amazing what the connection can be between people with completely different positions or functions within the company,” she adds. “Very quickly, the foundations were laid for a new group dynamic. Allowing colleagues to get to know each other better more easily creates a sense of family.”


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