Chris Thys – Welpa Trans: “Integration is a clear win-win”

About a year ago, Transuniverse Forwarding took over freight forwarding company Welpa Trans from Wommelgem (Antwerp). Through this, we brought in additional expertise in chartering road transport services. Welpa Trans continues to operate as an independent entity within Transuniverse, working closely with its colleagues in Wondelgem.


“The integration within Transuniverse happened smoothly, while maintaining our own identity and working methods. An interaction has been established that is a clear win-win for both companies and their clients,” says Chris Thys, who runs Welpa Trans with its three colleagues.


With the integration, Transuniverse aimed to expand its services beyond its core business, groupage and scheduled services. “Welpa Trans specialises in chartering. We buy truck capacity on demand from our customers, according to their specific needs. This means we always work ‘one on one’ and with ‘ad hoc’ rates. So we transport loads directly from shipper to consignee with dedicated trucks chosen according to specific customer requests,” Chris explains. It involves full loads, part loads, express transport and loads with special requirements


As a groupage operator, Transuniverse operates with a cross-dock centre in Wondelgem and with scheduled services, fixed departures and fixed transit times. “It may happen that groupage customers ask their contact at Transuniverse if a cargo can leave faster or be transported by express. They can then turn to a colleague at Welpa Trans to respond to this request. This allows Transuniverse to act more as a one-stop shop for its customers,” says Chris.



“The same applies the other way round,” she adds. “If one of our customers has a non-urgent cargo suitable for a line truck, we can offer him an interesting solution through Transuniverse. We can also serve more destinations. Since Brexit, for example, we transported little cargo to the UK because customs formalities are too cumbersome for ad hoc shipments. That is now changing, as Transuniverse has a strong customs department and serves that country very frequently.”


“So a new dynamic has emerged since the integration, allowing us to offer additional services while continuing to ensure the reliable and personalised service that Welpa customers are used to,” Chris concludes.



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