Transuniverse is Brexit-ready

The chance of a hard, ‘no-deal’ Brexit is increasing. After the split on March 30th, the implementation of new customs procedures seems inevitable. That could lead to large traffic jams on the roads to and from the Channel ports. Numerous companies also fear problems because they have no experience with these procedures and have no in-house customs specialists. Although it is hard to predict what will happen exactly, Transuniverse will be ready to absorb the shock.

It may reduce the number of journeys to and from the United Kingdom. For heavy goods vehicles, the EU Community permits will disappear and transport will need to be carried out using the CEMT permits. However, these are only available in limited numbers, so the total road transport capacity from and to the UK is in danger of being insufficient. In addition, it is important to take into account big delays in road transport: on a normal day, the Port of Dover can only process 10,000 lorries. The re-implementation of customs checks is also expected to cause huge delays, which will in turn further affect the transport capacity.

Transuniverse has around 30 pallet wide, 45-foot containers with the same loading capacity as a semi-trailer. If necessary, we can transfer the semi-trailer loads from and to the UK to these containers and transport them by ship from the Port of Ghent to Hull. It is expected that this port will suffer much less congestion than the Channel ports.

Also, and most importantly, Transuniverse can help its customers to prepare for Brexit regarding customs changes. Very few companies have experience in this area. Thanks to our wide range of shipments to non-EU countries, we now employ five customs specialists. They are entirely familiar with the procedures and are ready to give our customers verbal advice and practical support.

Please note: most economists expect the cost of goods transport to and from the UK to increase by at least 10%. Wherever possible, Transuniverse will do everything it can to keep these costs lower for its customers.


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