Own trailers absorb growth to and from Tunisia

To cope with the growth in traffic to and from Tunisia, Transuniverse is using two new box trailers. They complement the capacity of our agent in Tunis, AST. With our own equipment, we can deal better with peaks and ensure the regularity of our departures.

AST has a well-developed fleet of box trailers for suspended transport, which the company also uses for Transuniverse. Due to the imbalance in traffic, trailers sometimes have to wait a few days in Spain, France or Italy for return freight, which puts pressure on the available capacity. Also, peaks in demand sometimes cause bottlenecks.

“Because we are becoming more active in this market and the volumes are growing rapidly, we need to be sure we have sufficient capacity. That is why we are using two trailers that we rent from TIP Trailers. By using our own trailers, we aim not only to supplement the fleet of our agent AST, but also to increase our brand awareness in Tunisia,” says Theo Timmerman, traffic manager Maghreb in Wondelgem.

“The new trailers are of the boxtrailer type and offer a load volume of 90 m³ . In these vehicles, we can combine suspended transport with palletised loads,” he adds.

Transuniverse organises five to six departures a week to Tunisia. The cargo – in both directions – consists mainly of textiles, both hanging and packed. In addition, groupage shipments usually include industrial goods and general cargo. “With the new trailers, we can therefore guarantee the regularity of departures at all times and build in enough flexibility to be able to take on different types of loads,” says Timmerman.


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