Transuniverse wins TOPradio’s Lunchbeat Battle!

Transuniverse won TOPradio’s Lunchbeat Battle in January. Three days later, our shop floor was transformed into a rocking dance floor for the occasion!

The Lunchbeat Battle is a duel between two companies organised by TOPradio DJs Bram and Laura. Co-worker Frederik Bosschem, who had signed us up, played the quiz with his colleagues from the Quality department. They had to answer as many questions correctly as possible in under a minute.


The company that wins the Lunchbeat Battle gets to host a food truck and TOP party a few days later. “It turned out to be a fantastic lunch break, where we not only put aside our daily tasks for a while, but also enjoyed great beats and a tasty lunch together, provided by none other than Laura from TOPradio herself!” says a proud Frederik.


“It became clear once again how strong the group atmosphere is among colleagues. We enjoyed this time together: it was all about fun, team spirit and music,” added HR manager Ellen De Cock.




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