Transuniverse Forwarding takes 10 TIP huckepack curtainsiders into operation

Transuniverse Forwarding recently took 10 new TIP huckepack curtainsiders in use. The new trailers are completely custom-made and were delivered in our house style. They will mainly be used on routes to and from the United Kingdom.


Transuniverse Forwarding has been a customer of trailer leasing company TIP for many years. Our fleet currently consists of over 50 TIP trailers. Most of them are curtainsiders, but they also include several chassis and two Ekeri refrigerated trailers.


Miri Nedelcu, Purchase Manager at Transuniverse Forwarding, says: “We have been working with TIP for years and the relationship was always excellent. We find the contact very pleasant and professional. Any questions we have are answered very quickly. Moreover, TIP provides us with trailers that are specifically adapted to our needs. The trailers are also equipped with TIP Insight, so that we can monitor our assets at all times.


Michael Nierinck, Sales Manager at TIP, adds: “We do not only supply the trailers but also relieve Transuniverse by taking care of everything. For instance, they use a complete service package with a full cover programme. This means they don’t have to worry about the trailers and can focus entirely on their core business.


From left to right: Claudio Moretti, Commercial Director TIP Benelux; Miri Nedelcu, Purchase Manager/Management Transuniverse Forwarding; Michael Nierinck, Sales Manager TIP.

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