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A few months ago, disaster struck the family of our employee Luc Van Walle: daughter Liloe, only eight years old, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. To make matters worse, the girl suffered a cerebral infarction during the operation, which left her paralyzed on one side. Transuniverse launched a campaign to support her parents and offer Liloe more comfort in life. You too can contribute.

Liloe’s health condition is evolving erratically – with both good and bad news – and the financial consequences for the parents are great: the daily costs for diapers, medication and taxi transport to the child rehabilitation center of the Ghent University Hospital weigh heavily. There are other, more structural costs: in order to offer Liloe every comfort, an adapted room was furnished in which she can feel good and her parents had to buy a wheelchair-friendly car, so that she can still retain her freedom. On top of that, there is the impact on the careers of Luc and his wife Kathy, which also has financial consequences.

Liloe’s parents originally started crowdfunding, but that was not enough. To support Luc and Kathy financially, the management committee of our company decided to set up the campaign ‘Transuniverse helpt Liloe’ (Transuniverse helps Liloe). “For this, we work through the West Flanders Regional Fund of the King Baudouin Foundation. The campaign falls under the projects of ‘A Heart for West Flanders’, which means that donations from 40 euros give right to a tax reduction of 45% on the amount paid,” says Olivia Adins, member of the management committee.

Fiscal certificate

“Thanks to the tax benefit, we want to convince more people to make a contribution and to donate larger sums. This way we can help Luc and Kathy structurally. Transuniverse customers and partners who want to show solidarity can also contribute,” she emphasizes. “Together, let’s help Liloe and her family on their journey to recovery and a better life. Every contribution, big or small, makes a difference. Together we are stronger!”

If you would like to support this project, you can do so by making a donation via this link:

You can also deposit into account number BE10 0000 0000 0404 of the King Baudouin Foundation. Please mention the action code ACT-38001 or use the structured message 623/3800/10040.

This is a project with the support of the Streekfonds West-Vlaanderen, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation.



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