Sheltered company Ryhove keeps Transuniverse Forwarding site clean and tidy

Since November 2020, employees of sheltered company Ryhove have been helping out at Transuniverse Forwarding. Once a month, a team of energetic employees assists in cleaning and tidying our sites.


 A sheltered company is a contraction of what used to be called a sheltered workshop and a social workshop. A sheltered workshop was a place where people with a physical impairment were employed. A social workshop was a place where people with an attitudinal impairment were employed. Since 2018, these two places have been combined into a sheltered company.


Ryhove has existed for more than 60 years and currently employs around 400 people. One third works at the Merelbeke site, one third at the Ghent site, and one third at the respective customer’s site. The company was incorporated in 1961 with processing printed matter as its main object. Due to the strong digitalisation in recent years, Ryhove was required to reduce this activity drastically.


Nowadays, the company focuses more on food and specialises in the production of biscuits, confectionery, and chocolate. The Merelbeke site focuses exclusively on food. In Ghent, Ryhove also focuses on food but to a lesser extent. Here, packing food is combined with manual work, such as folding printed matter.


 Because we attach great importance to social engagement at Transuniverse Forwarding, we opted for Ryhove. They are also dedicated to this cause and do so based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Examples of SDG actions include Too Good To Go, participation in the Week Against Bullying, collecting money for the Warmest Week, etc.


Initially, the cooperation between Transuniverse Forwarding and Ryhove was rather sporadic, occasionally with jobs for printed matter or manual work. Since last year, however, they have regularly come to us to clean our sites. We are very satisfied with this cooperation and recommend it to every company!



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