Ergonomics, health and fun during Ergo Day

Santa Claus didn’t visit Transuniverse Forwarding this year: he didn’t want to disturb Ergo Day 2019, a great teambuilding activity. That day was all about ergonomics, health and fun.

The staff was divided into groups for a kind of boot camp in the recently renovated attic of our company. Each group was given one hour of tips and tricks about ergonomics at work: what distance should you have between your eyes and the screen? What is the ideal sitting posture? How often should you move? 

“But it was also fun: the various teams took part in the ‘World Potato Peel Championships’, one of the challenges was to make the longest potato peel. They also had to cut as many fries as possible within a certain time. To keep it healthy, those fries were made from sweet potatoes, which they were then allowed to take home with them”, says HR manager Valérie Van Haver.


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