Ergonomic working in our new Ergo-Loft

In the current situation in which working from home has become almost the norm, people are becoming even more aware that an ergonomic workplace is extremely important. This is something that we at Transuniverse have known for some time: we have been pursuing a proactive HR policy for years now because we know that this is beneficial to the service we provide for our customers. A survey among our staff revealed that they consider ergonomics, fitness and wellbeing at work very important. That is why even before the Covid-19 crisis we launched the Ergo-Loft project.

The growth of our company created a shortage of space. The attic in our office building was still a shell, so it was not in use. We set about addressing this issue in collaboration with Loff, a specialist in custom offices. The sales department and the auxiliary services moved in shortly before the crisis.

Olivia Adins and HR Manager Valérie Van Haver successfully completed the Ergo-Loft project with Loff. They focused on the office furnishings and the best possible layout. They chose electrically adjustable sit & stand tables combined with ergonomic HÅG office chairs. They also opted for a standing solution for the meeting room with the aim of making meetings more efficient, healthier and more productive.

Saskia Mortier, who works in Internal Sales, is very enthusiastic about the project. “I’m not that tall, so a sit & stand table is a real plus for me. Not only can I now stand up to work from time to time, I can adjust the table perfectly to my stature when I’m sitting down as well. The room décor also makes me feel as though I’m not even in an office”.

The Ergo-Loft in our attic is a successful pilot. In due course, the concept will be extended to the other departments.

Olivia and Valérie have more to say about our Ergo-Loft in the videos below.


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