‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ Day

“The transport sector is challenging and we see how our people connect with their work and give their best every day. So we wanted to give something back. We therefore threw ‘Secretaries’ Day’ open to everyone and gave the staff a good dose of serious happiness,” says HR manager Valérie Van Haver.

Transuniverse Forwarding called in the Hallelujah company to organise this ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ day. The focus was on taking a load off our employees’ minds, during and after work, and in a fun way. In the morning, they were welcomed by a special string quartet: a team that not only provided music, but took over their ironing.

During the lunch break, a big ‘Twister’ game was provided which let the whole team get together to stretch their legs. There was a lot of laughter, so that employees were able to return to their desks in the afternoon happy and at peace. 

At the end of the day, they were handed their freshly ironed laundry and also a healthy meal to take home. That meant they could just flop down into an armchair after work, instead of having to think about cooking or ironing.

Want to see how much fun was going on? Watch our video here.



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