Who or what?

Transuniverse Forwarding is …

Transuniverse Forwarding is a unique company with a unique product.  It started out in 1983 when it sent its first truck to Iraq. Today we have grown into a group that serves the whole of Europe as well as Morocco,  Algeria, Tunisia and Turkey with very regular, often daily, connections.

We only use reliable,  specialised  partners  and  agents  for  this  service.  Where necessary, we provide interim storage ourselves.

 We can rightly call ourselves the number one group shipment forwarder in  Belgium for many destinations,  but we also deal with part load consignments and full loads. As well as all conventional goods, our regular package of services includes ADR (hazardous materials) and temperature-controlled goods.

 As a young, dynamic company where fourteen languages are spoken in the workplace, we prioritise flexibility and service tailored to human needs.  We have a single goal: getting your shipment to your customer fast, safely and smoothly.

Old Transuniverse Truck

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