New structure

New structure strengthens Transuniverse Forwarding for the future

Transuniverse Forwarding  has thoroughly streamlined its internal organisation.  “With our new structure,  we have a stronger market profile,  our operational  and  commercial  powers  have  increased  and we are ready to give our growth strategy a concrete shape”,  emphasises  the  company’s managing director, Frank Adins.

“Our internal structure developed organically, with separate departments for each country that existed independently of each other.  That worked well for a long time,  but as the group grew,  all those extra levels increasingly got in the way  of  communication  between  us,  which meant that they obstructed the efficiency of our activities.   We needed integration and greater transparency and stability.  The islands needed to be merged into one big unit”,  Olivia Adins and Miri Nedelcu explain, sketching the reasons for the internal reorganisation.

They are two of the five members of the new executive committee that will manage the company from now on,  although Frank Adins will continue to play a vital role at the helm. Each of the directors has been entrusted with clearly delineated responsibilities.



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