We are Champions on Logistics TV

Logistics.TV, the programme on Kanaal Z for the logistics sector, is far from boring! And one of the subjects is We Are Champions, a crazy competition that the top people in our industry take part in. This year, Frank Adins, Chairperson of Transuniverse, is one of the three contestants.

Last year, Jo Van Moer (Van Moer Logistics) beat Gert Snel (Snel Logistics Solutions) and Jos De Wael (ODTH). In season 2 of We Are Champions, Frank will go up against Willy Naessens (Willy Naessens Group) and Raoul Van Raemdonck (VRD Logistiek).

In the first programme, broadcast in December, the three business directors, competed at bowling, but using a forklift. You can see this challenge on YouTube. There will be a further two challenges, which will be broadcast in April and June. Only then will we know whether our chairperson will get to stand at the top of the podium.


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