Spotlight on loyal employees

We couldn’t celebrate our 35th anniversary without shining the spotlight on a number of our employees. Some of them have been there almost from the beginning of ‘their’ company. Olivia Adins, the second generation to lead Transuniverse Forwarding and about the same age as the business itself, thanked them at the anniversary celebration for their loyalty and enthusiasm.

Special words of thanks went to Caroline and Inge, who have dedicated themselves to Transuniverse for 30 years, Jurgen (29 years), Christa (28 years), Carine (27 years), Daisy (26 years), Guy (24 years), Jeroen (23 years), Anniek (22 years), Hilde (21 years) and Peter (20 years).

Petroesjka, Nathalie, Yves, Tom, Christophe, Filip B, Kevin and Roger also earned our appreciation, with more than 15 years of commitment.  Likewise, Filip J and Filip W, Wim, Nele, Sofie, Bart, Nathalie, Niels and Dirk were lauded for over 10 years in the company’s service.

“It is an honour to have you on board,” was Olivia Adins’ sincere message to those who celebrated these jubilees.


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