Additional UK controls on products of animal and plant origin

Beware: additional UK controls on products of animal and plant origin


A new phase of the step-by-step introduction of additional customs controls began in the UK on 30 April 2024. The new sanitary and phytosanitary controls – known as SPS controls – cover animal and plant products. Medium- and high-risk products in particular are targeted.


It is mandatory to pre-notify the UK authorities in advance of the arrival of products of animal or plant origin, regardless of the risk class. Low-risk products are not subjected to systematic border checks, but medium- and high-risk products are effectively subjected to controls by UK Customs.


The checks take place at border checkpoints (BCPs) at various UK ports (and airports). In addition to a physical control, UK Customs checks whether the correct documentation is present and the pre-notification is in order.


SPS checks can thus cause longer waiting times at those border checkpoints. To avoid any inconvenience to our groupage trucks, medium- or high-risk SPS goods can only be presented on request. They should therefore be transported on separate trucks.


For low-risk products, you must inform us in advance that the pre-notification is in order (as spot checks are possible).


Do you want to know whether your product falls under the regime of SPS controls and to which risk class it belongs? Check the products’ risk categories via this overview.



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